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Clark E. Parks, ex Signalman First Class on the LST 740 (Landing Ship Tank) during WW II in the Pacific, is the founder of this site.  Its purpose is to preserve the history of the ship and make it available to others.

It is hopeful that by doing this, other crew members, or their relatives will be located and can help add pictures and history to the site.  All interested parties are welcome.

Clark kept a daily diary during the entire time the ship was in commission.  Most of the crew members were onboard the entire time.  We had about 125 crew members including 7 officers.  The officers were mostly what we called 90 day wonders, some college education and a small amount of naval training.  Our captain was a former insurance executive.  The crew had gone to about three months of boot training and ones with a specialty another three months of school such as signal, quartermaster, radio, machinist etc.  Out ship being small was very informal and without strict regulations.  We did of course respect the officers and their authority.  The officers had their own mess and stewards.

Prior to forming the full crew for the LST 740, a nucleus crew made up of one person from each division of the ship went on the LST 292 at Pittsburgh. We sailed down the river on that ship and on its shakedown cruise.  This training was for about three months.  I joined the navy 12 April 1943 and boarded LST 740 in Pittsburg, Pa. 8 May 1944, after a year of training.  I departed the ship 17 February 1946 Charleston, S.C.  The ship was decommissioned 8 March 1946.

There were no great heroics performed during our time overseas.  An LST performed the same functions as trains, trucks, and buses do on the ground, hauling men and their equipment. The big exception, we did it across the Pacific Ocean and also delivered them to the beaches.

I have used information and pictures from other sites to help tell the history and story of LST 740.  If you believe you own the rights to a photo which has been posted on this site and want it removed or credited, let me know by using my contact form or add a comment to the photo itself and I will be notified immediately.